Own Your Test Cases

Do you use a device cloud?

A device cloud ensures that your devices are available for use by your entire team all the time from everywhere

Support for Android and iOS Support for Android and iOS

Do you use an in-house device cloud?

An in-house device cloud ensures security and privacy of your data by existing behind your company's firewall and leveraging your network access policies

Enterprise Device Cloud

How do you execute your manual tests?

Proper manual execution of your tests will include recording execution result of every step accompanied by screenshots. Traditionally it is a cumbersome process because test cases exist on your system and all artifacts related to your test execution are generated on your device

Manual & Exploratory Testing

How do you log your bugs?

Traditionally bugs are logged by writing steps to reproduce the issue and transferring screenshots and device logs to the system from test device

Screen Sharing

Do you recreate real user network conditions?

When users use your app, they do not use it in ideal test environments. They use it in varying network conditions, different locations along with other apps running in the background

Import Manual Tests

Do you automate your tests?

Automation is a faster and more accurate way of executing your tests repeatedly

Simulate Device States Simulate Device States

How do you automate your tests?

Traditionally tests are automated by creating an automation framework and then writing automation code in a language of your choice. There is a constant pressure on automation engineers to update their code because of continuous update to app functionality & screens

Simulate Network Variations

Do you have different teams for manual and automation testing?

Most organizations have different teams for manual and automation testing